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An ethos-sculpted environment

We’re an agency, and that means we’re a collective of creative people. We rely on creativity daily to deliver ambitious projects for clients, so it’s important we have a working environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

We’re not a 9-5 business; we work until the project’s done – this could mean early finishes or, on the odd occasion, late night dashes to bring pizza to the office. We’re flexible, laid back, but exceptionally passionate about what we do, and we acknowledge the need for our working space to reflect this.

We’ve broken away from the designated desk approach and reinvented our office space. As a team, we discussed what’s important to us in the working environment; we recognised that each person has different needs, so we designed a space to cater for all. It’s no secret that as we welcome the new generation of employees to the fold, they bring with them new standards of working. A much more flexible style of working is expected, and it’s up to employers to work with their teams to adapt the environment so it remains versatile and relevant to the range of people that will be working in it.

The Method office is now defined by a variety of working hubs, each offering a different environment, catering for contrasting working moods – so no matter which side of the bed we fall out of, the office has got our back. With an adopted hub-station approach, nothing is fixed, so people can move around freely, choosing a space each day (or hour) that suits them and their working needs best. As humans, we are changeable, and the black and white office environment just doesn’t cut it anymore – we need to bring back the colour to our workspaces in order to thrive.

Yet, cultivating the perfect office space is an on-going exercise, as it’s something that will continuously change over time as the company ethos evolves and the next generation enter its workforce.

But for now, flexibility is the buzzword, and it’s also the key.